Beatrice Batteuse

Ensî Beatrice Batteuse assumed the throne of the Ensînate of Central Garoun in YC110 at 30 years old, following her father's decision to undergo euthanasia.

Ensî Beatrice broke familial tradition within the year by making surprise public appearances in several local arts events, academic symposiums, and on one occasion, a child's birthday party.

In YC115, she was widowed when her husband Kisihada Okila suffered complications due to an autoimmune disease during a diplomatic trip to Intaki. Ensî Beatrice ceased making public appearances shortly after.

In YC120, Ensî Beatrice remarried Doctor Jeras Alaila, a professor at the local branch of the University of Caille and former executive of the Sukuuvestaa Corporation.

The ceremony, held in the Lier les Lunaires tradition, generated interstellar media coverage, and many speculated that it may signal Ensî Beatrice's return to the public sphere.