Amarr-Jove War

The Amarr-Jove War was a short lived conflict between the Amarr Empire and the Jove that took place in 23216 AD. The only major conflict of the war was the Battle of Vak'Atioth.

The Amarr Empire had intended the war to revitalize faith in the Reclaiming, as well as adding the Jovians to the Empire's slave stock. The Empire broadcast its intentions to invade the Jove for weeks before they actually did. In addition to the Empire underestimating the technological superiority of the Jove, the Jovians managed to obtain the Empire's battle plans. The Empire was crushingly defeated in the Battle of Vak'Atioth, the war's first and only major conflict.

After coming to grips with the defeat, the Empire planned to invade a second time with a larger, more well prepared fleet. However, the Minmatar Rebellion occurred and disrupted those plans. Faced with an external war and an internal rebellion, the Empire sued for peace with the Jove. The Jove, unwilling to fight in a protracted war, agreed to the peace and left the Empire alone.

The lopsided victory for the Jove in the war became well-known throughout the cluster and has served as an effective deterrence against invasion from any other force.

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