5th Dragonaurs Armored Division

The 5th Dragonaurs Armored Division was a military unit of the Templis Dragonaurs organization which was involved in the capture of the city Arcurio on Caldari Prime under the command of Tibus Heth during Operation Blue Phoenix. Given the merger of the Templis Dragonaurs with the Provists, it is uncertain if the unit can still be said to officially exist.

Early History

The 5th Dragonaurs are one of many divisions within the Templis Dragonaurs. As the Dragonaurs grew and gained more recruits and equipment, they eventually split off into a number of separate sects. The 5th Dragonaurs were, naturally, the fifth such division, forming early in YC13. Armed with a significant amount of firepower, the 5th Dragonaurs were known for their heavy units, including the Armored Division which specialized in MTAC combat.

The 5th Dragonaurs Armored Division were involved in a number of terrorist actions against the Gallente Federation over their existence, including one notorious incident during the war against Sansha's Nation. While a large portion of the Federation Navy was deployed, the 5th Dragonaurs attacked a training base on the Caldari border. The Armored Division led the charge on the base and suffered numerous causalities, though they inflicted many more on the unprepared and undergunned recruits.

The attack, occurring during a time of unprecedented cooperation between the State and Federation, was widely condemned by both sides. The Dragonaurs, however, trumpeted it as a victory against the Federation, one that would prevent future incursions against Caldari sovereignty.

Aside from this attack, the 5th Dragonaurs Armored Division were rather typical in comparison to the rest of the Dragonaurs.

Connection to Tibus Heth

Some time during the early 90s, it is believed in intelligence circles that Tibus Heth, perhaps under an assumed name, first joined the Templaris Dragonaurs. Information on Heth's movements during this time is sparse, but it is believed that he was a member of the 5th Dragonaurs Armored Division and perhaps first learned to pilot an MTAC within their ranks. Circumstantial evidence seems to indicate that he served with the Dragonaurs for roughly six years and saw combat more than once.

Eventually Heth joined Home Guard, though it is an open question if he did so as an agent of the Dragonaurs or not. Regardless, as some point Heth's affiliation with the Dragonaurs weakened and he left the organization

Assault on Caldari Prime

After Heth's meteoric rise to the top of the Caldari State in YC110, he delivered a fiery speech which won him the loyalty of the Dragonaurs. During the assault on Caldari Prime, Heth personally led the 5th Dragonaurs Armored Division into combat. The group assaulted the city of Arcurio and successfully captured the city with minimal casualties.

Current Activities

The Templaris Dragonaurs officially no longer exist, having been folded into Tibus Heth's Caldari Providencel Directorate group. Despite this, there are whispers that the group is not technically disbanded and continues to operate semi-independently from the Provists, as assassins and terrorists striking against Heth's enemies. The 5th Dragonaurs Armored Division may not fit well with this new vision, but as Heth's former unit, it would seem likely to remain if these rumors are true.

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