War ended in Venal region?

VENAL- Yesterday, in a stunning turn of events, Taggart Transdimensional announced the resignation of it's founding CEO, Ragnar. In the same breath, the new CEO of TTI, Gunny P, proclaimed a cease-fire with the New Venal Alliance. Gunny P furthermore vowed "TTI has never condoned piracy, we have in the past been members of alliances which have included pirate corporations. This is no longer the case, nor will it ever be in future."

The two factions of Venal, the NVA and the Northern Alliance ( of which TTI was a part ) have been warring over the Venal region for five weeks. This announcement could mark the end of the Northern Alliance, and the end of the war.

The NVA, taken somewhat by surprise by these announcements, has not had time to formally respond. However, in an informal interview with one of their spokespeople, it became apparent that the NVA does not consider their troubles to be over. There are still concerns over pirate activity in Venal and it's border region, Pureblind. NVA representatives intend to formalize whatever agreements and policies are needed at their next council meeting, which should convene in the next few days.

Still, this is a hopeful development, in that the Venal and Pureblind area may soon become open to free enterprise. At present, however, the NVA's travel advisory remains in effect. Hostilities and open combat are expected to continue for some time, as the Venal security forces battle pirates and other undesirables in their newly claimed territories.