Veto Corp Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Goinard, Sinq Laison. Veto Corp is holding "simultaneous celebrations in several locations" to mark their 5th anniversary this weekend.

Describing themselves as "politically neutral", with "very few friendly organizations", [VETO] has maintained an active capsuleer presence in most regions over the years. Comprised of self-professed Gurista loyalists they operate under the same conditions as the Guristas, with "bottom line and the pursuit of profit" as their ultimate goal.

[VETO] Operations Director Demetri Slavic told the Interstellar Correspondents: "We look to make profits through combat. Be that through Ransoms or looting the wrecks of our opponents," he said.

"Sometimes it can be difficult, a lot of people are unwilling to pay ransoms due to bad experiences with less honourable pirates."

Current CEO and founder, Verone, who in his own words operates a "dictatorship", made it clear that his is not an alliance lacking in ideology or diversity. [VETO], he was keen to stress, is also most definitely not a monolithic mega-corp.

"The vast majority of our operations are piracy and weapons and starship testing and development. The piracy tends to give us a fresh supply of combat conditions to test. As well as that we operate a strict anti-slavery policy! [Also] the corporation has in the past operated its own very successful internal IPO in the form of Veto. Investments."

Describing the organization as "non-territorial" and "nomadic", Verone attributed, at least in part, the longevity of [VETO] to profit sharing, lack of desire for null sec sovereignty and tactical flexibility.

"Every member of the corporation is free to keep the share he or she earns through combat operations, the corporation takes nothing from its members," he said.

"Claiming space would pin us down and restrict our options. We like to be available to move wherever we feel the need in order to maximise profit and combat ops. We [tend to] operate in fast-moving, agile, roaming wolf-packs, with adequate support. We've never really [had] to field anything heavier than a good-sized fleet of battleships."

[VETO] is looking forward to the next five years and is already training the next 'generation' of capsuleers for service.

"Five years is a long history for a capsuleer corporation in New Eden, but we're only just getting warmed up. Recently, we've been focused on internal structure, and bolstering our numbers. In the last 6-8 months we've graduated around two dozen pilots from our Academy, or recruited them. We operate very differently from most corporations and as such, we like people to adjust to life with us."

"We've survived the test of time, something that so many corporations have failed to do. The next five years, it's time to turn up the heat!"

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