The Mittani Faces Outcry

​ Jita, The Forge - Protests are taking place following the recent words spoken by The Mittani, the re-elected CSM Chair.

He was recently quoted saying: "Incidentally if you want to make the guy kill himself his name is [Removed]... He has his own corp... find him."Jita Protests Reignite

Speaking to the capsuleer, however, he finds these comments and the aggression "unprovoked".

A number of capsuleers have called for the resignation of The Mittani. While he has many supporters, there seems to be those who feel that as a community figure he should be held to a higher standard and should not publicly call for the killing of another capsuleer.

GalNet References

The Mittani is asked to step down

An earlier version of this article mistakenly used the full quote from The Mitanni naming the capusleer. IC apologises for this mistake and this article has been ammended accordingly.

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