The Hitchhiker's Guide to New Eden - Part I

Expand Your Horizons - Throughout the vastness of space, thousands of elite pilots fly across the starry skies oblivious of the forgotten wonders waiting to be rediscovered.

Epic monuments, abandoned stations, crumbling ruins, weird and wonderful spacial phenomena, just some of the sights waiting to be seen.

For those pilots who want to experience something different, for those who are wanting to capture the spirit of adventure and exploration, here is a collection of some of New Edens most important natural, man-made and other mysteriously fabricated landmarks and points of interest.

Setting off from the remote port of Polaris we will travel in each of the cardinal directions documenting our finds.

Journeying Into The North

R55 Colonial Ruins

  • In the system of Isie the Lai Dai Corporation once ran the largest bio-chemical research facility in Caldari space. The facility was intended to establish Lai Dai as the main biotech company within the State. But only a few years into its operation an accident ruptured the storage tanks and the station had to be abandoned. The myriad chemical substances leaking from the storage tanks mingled in unexpected ways in the zero-g vacuum outside the station and in time formed a eerily beautiful, but highly toxic, gas cloud around the station. After the accident Lai Dai scuttled their biotech ambitions and the station remained vacant for years. Recently, Guristas pirates have started using it as an outpost.

  • Entered Via : Isie

  • CONCORD / DED Rating : 0.4

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  • The famous dueling tournament, 'The Legends Trial', has moved to PPG-XC, to escape various expenses associated with having its tournament inside Federation space. Also by staging the tournament here, it can choose from a larger variety of competitors, such as criminals and members of outlaw organizations which would be immediately arrested in Federation space.

The Legends Trial is a popular show on Federation TV, it is broadcasted to billions of screens across many regions. Huge money is at stake, and gambling on the events is extremely popular. It is therefore not surprising that various criminal networks are working hard to 'influence' the outcome of the show and rig fights. The organizers of the Legends Trials have hired a sizable mercenary fleet to protect its assets, but even so it has become extremely vulnerable to pirate meddling, especially due to its new location outside of the protective embrace of Federation space. Certainly a freelance merc pilots dream come true.

Black Rise

  • Black void divides the western regions of the mighty Gallente Federation and the Caldari State, apparently without mass or dimension but still inexplicably closed to the eyes of science. During the Gallente-Caldari War, both empires tried to establish travel routes through the utter vacuum in order to outflank their foe, but all such endeavours were lost in the gloomy bowels of the Black Rise, never to be seen again. For decades no man has ventured far into it and no one really knows what secrets lie hidden in its murky depths.

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  • CONCORD / DED Rating : N/A

Serpent's Coil

  • The Serpent's Coil is at once one of the most exotic and most dangerous of all space locations in the vast world of EVE. It is currently inhabited by agents of the Serpentis Corporation, which use the place as a gathering point for smugglers and raiders alike. At the heart of the Serpent's Coil lies a ruined military installation. This military base was constructed by the Gallente Federation during the Gallente-Caldari War to defend against marauding Caldari ships. After the war the strategic importance of the base diminished and it was eventually abandoned. The base is ringed by huge rock boulders the size of mountains. These magnificent boulders broke off a comet traversing the Vilinnon system long time ago and today they stand proud in their protection of the most audacious Serpentis base around.

  • Entered Via : Vilinnon

  • CONCORD / DED Rating : 0.6

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First Sergeant Hakiro's Lookout

  • First Sergeant Tomi Hakiro, of the Caldari State Navy, was assigned the task of monitoring Guristas activity through the O-LR1H gate in G5ED-Y. Admiral Aurobe Kois had become concerned with the frequent emergence of Guristas ships through the stargate, and linked that directly to the numerous collisions between his own ships and Guristas squads in G5ED-Y. This small outpost was erected by Tomi and his men near the stargate as their base of operations.

  • Entered Via : G5ED-Y

  • CONCORD / DED Rating : 0.0

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In the next installment we will be wandering into the west..