The Great Collector

Niyabainen – Entity, the self proclaimed "Lord of the Items" has over 7,000 items in his collection of ships and modules. His goal is to amass one of every item available throughout New Eden. His collection includes such rare items as a Trinary Data Stream, found on the wreckage of a Jove battleship floating in the Stain Region and Luther Veron's Modified Large EMP Smartbomb. Entity also collects ships some as rare as the Megathron Federate Issue battleship.

What started out as a small project to collect items, has turned into an obsession that he is passionate about.

Entity explained, “I usually pay fair market value for the items I collect and residents of New Eden have been known to donate items to me on occasion. Sometimes, I put "bounties" on certain items I know are rare, which is quite a lot higher than their true value. The largest budget I've allocated for a bunch of basic items is 6.5 billion. I don't really remember the largest single item reward though, but it's probably in the order of 1 billion.

“I used to fund my collection project primarily through trade, both on commodities and through the contracts. However, I've since acquired a number of very profitable blueprints, and they have been responsible for most of the funding.”

His ship collection includes an Armageddon Imperial Issue, a Raven State Issue, a Tempest Tribal Issue, and some Silver Magnates and Guardian Vexors. “The Imperial Armageddon I got off escrow. The Raven State Issue and Tempest Tribal Issue were bought from Band of Brothers, who won them in the 3rd Alliance Tournament,” Entity told us. He also uses associates to help fill in gaps in his collection, by building some of the ships he needs.

Entity stores his ships in freighters, separating them according to various races, for example a Caldari Freighter stores Caldari ships. This makes it easier for him to track down a certain ship if the need arises. Items are also separated in to different containers depending on where it came from and what it’s function is. This allows his computers to keep up to date inventory.

He hasn’t started collecting capital ships yet, for various reasons, he told us, “I can’t dock them in my headquarters, which is located in a high security system. I could buy one of each right now if I wanted, but I really prefer everything to be in one station. I may at some point have a secondary place to store those, in a low security system, but there's no need to hurry.”

Entity has traveled all over New Eden in search of items to collect, including the Outer Regions, mainly to collect rare dog tags. Sometimes, he finds it difficult to get docking rights to stations, but he always manages to get the item. He has been shot at various times throughout his travels, however, most find it hard to catch him in his Vagabond.

“I always managed to stay out of trouble on runs. However, other people have died while carrying items for me, which was rather unfortunate, though luckily the items were not irreplaceable,” he remarked.

As far as competition in New Eden, Entity had this to say, “There used to be a few competitors, but they disappeared 3 or 4 years ago, which is a shame. There isn't really any other collectors that take it to this level, to do business with, unfortunately.”

Two items top his list of things he would like to have in his collection and they are both ships, the Apocalypse Imperial Issue and the Opux Luxury Yacht. Citizens owning these ships do not usually want to part with them. If they are willing to sell, the price is extremely high.

Entity hopes to open a museum in the future, so residents of New Eden can view his collection.

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