The BIG Event : EVE 5th Anniversary Lottery

Place Your Bets

BIG Games are perhaps the most well known group within the densely packed lotteries and competition market so it should come as little surprise that they will be celebrating the anniversary in style.

Well known throughout the cluster, BIG are one of the few corporations who have good relations with the main empires, independent factions and mega-corporations. Their many relationships have been cultivated over the years whilst negotiating for advertising and broadcasting rights. This has put them in a unique position.

For the anniversary lottery, round number 131, they are presenting something not seen before. BIG have managed to secure custom pilot equipment and memorabilia from the majority of their customers. These items will be given away alongside the normal lottery prizes.

This is an opportunity for pod-pilots, crew members and the general populace to own very rare custom branded equipment from BIG's sponsors, items potentially worth millions in the future.

Do not delay. Visit BIG Games' GalNet announcement for more information.

EVE 5th Anniversary

On May 6th, we are celebrating our fifth birthday!!! As part of the celebrations we have donated some items to BIG from the EVE Store.

The Anniversary Lottery starts on the 5th and runs until the 18th so you have plenty of opportunity to grab yourself a ticket!

The Prize List

  1. 10B ISK
  2. 5B ISK
  3. 1B ISK
  4. Signed The Art of EVE book
  5. EON 1 year subscription
  6. 100 Day Gametime Card
  7. 50 Day Gametime Card
  8. USB flash drive 1 GB
  9. USB flash drive 1 GB
  10. Daredevil
  11. Daredevil

Ticket prices will be extortionate we hear you shout! Actually tickets will cost 1000 ISK. That's it! For those with the money to spare you can buy up to fifty thousand tickets to increase your chances. For all the rules and other details visit the lottery thread and the BIG Games lottery website.

Good luck to everyone and happy birthday to us all!