Territorial Wars in Cloud Ring Continue

5S-KNL, Cloud Ring - The Cloud Ring region has always been contested, but during last month, control of the region shifted significantly as Fatal Ascension expanded and consolidated their holdings and the Deklein Coalition, with support from their allies in the Northern Coaltion, pushed heavily against Ev0ke and Ewoks.

During 10.112, 17 systems within Cloud Ring reported sovereignty changes, a considerable increase compared to the previous three months in the region.

During the final days of last month, Ev0ke had lost control over five systems, losing three systems on the 31st October including 5S-KNL to Test Alliance Please Ignore, OU-X3P to Fatal Ascension, and W-4NUU to Goonswarm Federation.

Goonswarm Federation had taken over control of four systems by the end of October, including F7C-H0 and W-4NUU from Ev0ke, FD53-H from Ewoks and B-DBYQ from Dead Terrorists.

On the first day of this month, there were five sovereignty changes within Cloud Ring; two losses a piece for Ev0ke & Ewoks, and one gain for Fatal Ascension.

Ev0ke still holds substantial territory in Cloud Ring, but the influence of the Northern Coalition and their Deklein allies has grown substantially in the region. While Fatal Ascension made small territorial gains in the region over the last month, their system Z-Y7R7 passed today into the hands of Northern Coalition allies Sev3rance.

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