Snowball Fights Continue to Break Out Across New Eden

by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

The sudden appearance of snowball-firing 'Festival Launchers' in many pilots' inventory - apparently a gift from the mysterious Polaris-based alliance C C P - has led to an upsurge in random attacks in many parts of New Eden.

Trade hubs seem to be heavily affected, with Jita and Amarr seeing periodic outbreaks of snowball-related violence, but no system has escaped unscathed. CONCORD officials stated that they saw no harm in these attacks, and were found to be in favor of 'harmless fun'. They have modified their detection algorithms to ignore snowball attacks. This is a change from a previous year when nervous capsuleers, upon being attacked with snowballs, responded with live ammunition, drawing CONCORD attention. The snowball-firing attackers then proceeded to loot the hair-triggered unfortunates' wrecks. Serious consequences were averted when the snowballs melted several months later.

Longtime Jita resident Mars Theran said that he had attacked several bystanders in Jita, throwing snowballs with abandon, and stated that he thought the snowballs were fun.

While pilots across New Eden indulge in 'harmless' snowball attacks on each other, one cannot but wonder if these 'Festival Launchers' may be the stepping stones for something more dangerous.

What is the ultimate plan of this potentially sinister and mysterious alliance?

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