Sev3rance Turns 10

Sev3rance Alliance

Providence, New Eden - Ten years ago, in early February of YC109, a small group of pilots came together with the idea that they could make Sukanen, a low security system, safe from 'pirate' activity. FuriousPig and Irons of IronPig [IRPG] and Dreamy of Mystic Lion Hearts [-MLH-] formed Sev3rance [-7-] with the hopes that they could manage active aggression through the standings system of NRDS [Not Red, Don't Shoot].

Although the prevailing attitude from outsiders was that the program could never succeed, they in fact did make it work, and in the process developed a reputation that others noticed. Among those was Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], who were attempting the same thing in 0.0 Providence. It was not long before -7- was invited out to North Providence to see if they could manage the same successful results.

Many Alliances have accomplished great things through the history of New Eden, however few can say that they have accomplished those goals over as long a time period as -7- has. They can count themselves among such notables as long-time allies Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and other well-known names such as Against All Authorities [.-A-.] and Ushra'Khan, who will turn 13 later this year.

IronPig [IRPG] pilot and long time Providence resident iiOs explains, "It's the community we created… we don't have that elite culture." He goes on to explain that new members are welcomed to the fold, but ultimately their success depends on their level of integration to the team.

For the combat pilot, finding a fight is rarely a problem in Providence. The industrialist looking to build ships and modules to replace losses can have a more difficult task under these conditions, but the rewards can be worth the frustration. Despite the occasional industrial loss consisting of jump freighters or Rorquals, industrial pursuits continue in the region. For all intents and purposes, leadership appear to have found that happy medium which allows for the majority of their members to find what they need to be happy.

In speaking with FuriousPig, one certainly gets the impression that he speaks his mind, and calls it as he sees it, "I keep no secrets from [my people] and they get to know what's going on," he states.

It has not been an easy road for Sev3rance. They were forcibly removed from Providence for a host period of time several years ago along with CVA and the rest of the Provibloc coalition. Being displaced gave them the chance to look at their commitment to their cause, and after some months, returned to take back their home. From that time, they have remained the stalwart guardians of the north in Providence. Whatever the reason, love them or hate them, they have made their mark in their space, and don't appear ready to give up any time soon.

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