Sansha loyalists declare war on Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris

Amarr - The Sansha loyalist organisation Naqam has declared war on the longstanding Amarrian paramilitary group Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE). The first few weeks of the conflict have seen only light skirmishes so far, with both sides avoiding heavy losses.

In a lively press release designed to mock the age of many PIE members, CEO of Naqam Izzychan offered a “retirement plan” and claimed that they were “past their due date”. Along with her remarks came what she described as an “awesome game lined up for all of us to play together.” In this case a declaration of CONCORD-sanctioned warfare.

When asked why he thought Naqam declared war on PIE, Admiral Rodj Blake said, “as supporters of Sansha they hate the Empire and all that it stands for.” Referring to a failed diplomatic meeting that erupted into open conflict, he added: “One only needs to remember the betrayal that took place when Doriam sent an emissary to meet them to understand that.”

Blake went on to say that “the war is still in its early stages and is likely to continue for a while. Although our current focus is on assisting the 7th Fleet in the Bleak Lands, we shall defeat these Naqam upstarts.”

When asked to justify the war, IzzyChan pointed back to the time when all the empires joined forces to break up the Nation. She dismissed the small size of her corporation as an unimportant factor, hinting that there would soon be a bigger fleet that could “knock on PIE’s door.” She added, “all I can say is, ‘PIE we aren’t done with you yet. We’re still here. Sansharawr!”

The conflict between the four great empires and the Sansha Nation dates back to the time of Sansha himself. He was a successful Caldari tycoon who carved out a large piece of space for himself and then set about the task of creating a utopian nation according to his own bold visions. At first he was very altruistic and attracted many people through his magnetic personality.

As time went by however, he sunk into madness and conducted what were considered by many to be cruel experiments. As his experiments became increasingly questionable, the four empires joined forces and attempted to destroy the Nation. The few that survived were scattered to the outer regions and became pirates and pillagers.

Sooplex, with Naqam, said of PIE, “You walk blind in the shadows, believing in false prophets from within a decadent society. Open your eyes and see the true path. Follow in our footsteps and leave your corrupted lives behind. The Nation is true. You are false.”

This quote seems to represent the current attitude of the Nation, which to this day continues to seek more members so that it may return to the “glorious” times of the past when they possessed both numbers and influence. In this case the Nation has been served by a high profile corporation which is active on Galnet as well as the spacelanes. Their methods have already been met with notable success, drawing out those with long-dormant sympathies for Sansha's vision and even subverting previously loyal Amarrians such as ex-PIE member Kostantin Mort.

Many have been worried to see this recent rise of capsuleer-based loyalism to Sansha's vision. With their immense celebrity status and access to a Galnet network that has a planetary audience numbering in the millions at any given time, they are perhaps rightly concerned.