SAK Success, Tournament Triumph

Autaris - The cruiser tournament run by the events staff at The School of Applied Knowledge has crowned its victor.

A staggering 172 teams entered the competition. The numbers were whittled down after many rounds of intense team battles that were conducted at the purpose built arenas in Autaris.

Those teams that made it as far as the final four were guaranteed to walk away with at least 250 million ISK. Worthy of note is the corporation Duty. who managed to get two teams into the final four.

The matches to earn a place in the final were hard fought. Booking their places were Amon Nagira and d dark who beat Kuzya Morozov and Cautet, and Birkir and Ciprian who defeated Jude Kopenhagen and Vanden.

The final was set, Nagira and dark fielded a Vexor and Rupture whilst Birkir and Ciprian favoured an Arbitrator duo.

"In the highly-anticipated final match, Birkir and Ciprian defeat Amon Nagira and d dark in six minutes and thirty seconds. A thoroughly-exceptional match of two very proven teams ... but the pair of Arbis once again proved uncatchable. 750 million ISK rewarded to Amon and dark, and the grand prize of 2 billion ISK to the phenomenal duo of Cip and Birk - our 2008 cruiser tournament champions" declared Master of Ceremonies el caido.

With the champions crowned, planning will shortly begin on the next SAK Events tournament taking place later this year.

Capuleers are invited to monitor their GalNet pages for further information when available.

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