Round One Qualifying For The 6th Alliance Tournament Ends

Day 2, Round 1 Qualifying for the 6th Alliance Tournament is complete. Statistics are being compiled, and all battle reports for the past two days can be found on GalNet.

A wide variety of ship choices and tactics were used to varying degrees of success. Drones were utilized extensively, but not to the level that was anticipated by pre-tournament discussions. While similar setups were used by several competitors, results varied making it impossible to determine if the setup was the long sought after "unbeatable" combination. It will be interesting to see how the winners of this round work to repeat their victories, and how the losers will adapt to turn the tables.

Second round Qualifying begins again next week, and all 64 teams will once again face each other in a schedule to be announced later in the week. Winners of this weekend's Qualifying can be found here.