Qualifying Rounds For 6th Alliance Tournament End

Second Round Qualifying is now complete and the match schedule for the Finals will be posted within the next few days.

The use of faction ships was prevalent throughout the entire weekend. The most notable example of differing results was the very similar fleet composition of the ATLAS match and the The Church match. ATLAS' loss of 7 Phantasms and a Nightmare in their match was quickly overshadowed by The Church's success which included 8 Phantasms and a Nightmare (losing only 3 of the Phantasms).

Tinkerhell of The Church explains: "they only used 1 [invulnerability], and gave up an heat sink for a damage control, giving them less EM resist, and then they were quite unlucky facing Amarr laser ships." She continued to say: "They had short range ammo in, so I guess they flew straight into web range, which we decided to avoid."

The variety of ships and equipment available to the pilots makes the choices difficult, and many matches are decided simply by luck in guessing what the opposition would bring.

Next weekend's Finals should bring even more excitement as teams pull out all the stops to win the 6th Alliance Tournament.

Full match reports can be seen here.