Profiteering in Malkalen

A disturbing development in Malkalen has some pod pilots questioning the compassion of their brethren. Within a few hours of Ishukone’s call for pod pilots to fill buy orders of essential relief goods, profiteers have already placed buy orders preempting Ishukone’s.

One such pilot, Maru Sha of The Department of Justice corporation, has admitted that she is currently sitting on over one billion isk worth of antibiotics and hydrogen batteries procured by slipping in slightly higher buy orders than Ishukone. Although Maru claims that her goal is not profit, she has nonetheless admitted to selling some of her stock because: ”I had competitors on the market and I already had invested all my money and that of a few friends; so in order to compete with the raising price, and adjust mine accordingly, I had to sell part of the goods.”

When asked what prompted her actions, Maru claimed that politics is to blame; “[Caldari State’s] treacherous cooperation with the Amarr, their support of slavery in Minmatar space and many more things made me think it was time for payback. Let me remind you that the goods now in my hands will not be wasted. There are many people in Minmatar space who are in need of cheap Antibiotics. Hydrogen Batteries are also needed in every household. I just relocate them to people who really deserve them and need to get them at cheap prices.”

Gotrek65, another pod pilot accused of profiteering, steadfastly denies the allegations. When asked if he knew that his actions were drawing off much needed supplies in Malkalen, his response was; “It may. It's nothing personal to the owners of the Malkalen station. It's just that I'm trying to get my own station ready to be anchored.”

Many pod pilots are incensed at this kind of behavior. In the case of Maru Sha’s corporation, Kyoko Sakoda tells us that; “That entire corporation, The Department of Justice, was in on it [profiteering]. My cousin, Sayuri Itsu, who aided in the relief efforts, was the first to test the buy order in paranoid fashion and check her transaction logs. Smart woman she's become. It's my inkling that the buy order was filled rather rapidly and additional ones were setup by the aforementioned corporation. Sayuri alerted our friends in Omerta Syndicate, who are now pursuing DoJ targets. I wish them best of luck.”

As more alleged disaster profiteers are named, we will report to you what we discover.