Pod Pilots Render Assistance in Malkalen Disaster

The recent devastation at the Ishukone station in Malkalen has generated an even more impressive display of solidarity among pod pilots as ad-hoc rescue efforts were conducted only minutes after the incident.

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Although there was no official chain of command, Sylvain Lemieux appealed to the pod pilot community via GalNet and formed one of the larger groups of volunteers aiding in the efforts. The group, calling itself simply “Malkalen Relief” opened a communication channel and began operations immediately. Using every available freighter and industrial ship at hand, the group claims to have evacuated several thousand citizens from the area and brought in several thousand m3 of supplies.

In a show of compassion, Admiral Rodj Blake of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris suspended war activities with Electus Matari in the the system of Malkalen, and two stargate jumps out so that Electus Matari pilots could render assistance.

Admiral Blake did survey the scene, but chose not to join any of the relief groups, stating: “Impromptu aid efforts, no matter how well intentioned, can sometimes cause as much confusion as actual aid. We would not want to hinder trained agencies in their mission to save lives; therefore, we'll be keeping things low-key for now… I hope that the proper Caldari authorities will at some stage inform interested parties exactly what is required; that will give us a better idea of what to supply. In the meantime, know that we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends in the Caldari State.”

Sylvain Lemieux also waited hopefully for an official organization of efforts: “We are a stopgap; once the official response kicks in our efforts should pale in comparison. We aren't trained for this sort of thing and the sooner the CEP step in the better.”

Several hours into the volunteer relief efforts, Ishukone Corporation officially announced the formation of a disaster relief program. The call for specific supplies to be brought in has better focused the seemingly chaotic efforts of pod pilots.

With more help on the way, Sylvain was finally able to take a break and think about the day: ”Today was a dark day and if some good could come of it, it has been that Caldari and Gallente, Matari and Amarr have worked shoulder to shoulder.”