Pilot Training Sponsorships Draw Critics and Crowds

Ammold - In celebration of the 5th Capsuleer Alliance tournament and as part of a recruitment showcase, the Republic Military school have held a special racing championship open to civilians to prove their piloting prowess. The event has been superbly attended and boasts a full roster of youthful and talented contestants all vying for the champions prize; the opportunity to enter the Republic Military School as a candidate for the Fleet Pod Pilot program.

The contest was open for any Republic citizen to apply, subject to undergoing a preliminary screening to ensure that the Pilot is compatible with Capsule technology. Due to the nature of the Capsule interface, only a small subset of the general population are both genetically and mentally compatible with the technology.

Prior to the event Colonel Maata Nayeli had this to say:

"The Celebration Races are designed to give the talented youth of our society an opportunity to earn access to our prestigious program which they may not otherwise have. The Republic takes great pride in the accomplishments of its Capsuleers, many of whom get their start at our academy serving their people.

This competition shall pit the candidates against each other in a test of skill and bravery, each piloting a high speed, low altitude skimmer through a hair raising valley course used in our own live training exercises. Our Capsuleer graduates will likely be familiar with the course themselves, as the grand tournament plays out remember that some of those pilots started here!"

Tragically the races have been cut short following a lethal high speed collision involving no less than three skimmers. As the pilots went all out to secure victory two craft collided whilst entering a narrow pass, the third skimmer was caught by debris and also crashed. None of the three pilots survived and the remainder of the race has been canceled.

An investigation has already begun as critics level charges of neglect and of the 'irresponsible attitudes' of race organisers endangering young pilots in what is coming to be labeled a publicity stunt to promote the image of the Republic's Capsuleer program.

Organisers of the Alliance Tournament have expressed their dismay at such a sad event occurring as part of the celebrations associated with the tournament and their regrets at the tragic loss of such young and brave people.