NTRabbit Reaches 100 Million Standard Skill Training Points

CRC Monitoring Post, Polaris - On 05.01.110, NTRabbit of the Guiding Hand Social Club announced that he had reached 100,000,000 skill points.

NTRabbitSkill Points are a standardised measure used by the Society of Conscious Thought for the amount of training a pilot has received across all fields in the Capsuleer Standard Educational Set.

The Life and Times of a Man of Flexible Morality

NTRabbit graduated from Caldari Constructions in late YC 104 to take a place as leader of Military Operations in Medusa constellation for Xanadu corporation. He was there for some 4 months, during which he experimented with many aspects of a capsuleer's life and work.

"For weeks I cruised around the Medusa Constellation in a shiny bantam, using a [secret agent] to spy on my own troops, and generally cause mayhem. I still wonder if I caused that poor pilot to quit, not realizing at the time that a rather nasty bug meant that any pod-killed pilots were corrupted [and could not reclone].

"I flew my pulse laser armed Ibis all the way down to Aridia (quite a journey in those days). Discorporation and I made an ill-fated attempt to find the Double Hydra Implants - a fictional implant which [allegedly] allowed two skills to be trained simultaneously. Instead, I found myself fighting random people in the middle of nowhere, saving bounty money for upgrades.

"I once used my 'neutrality' to smuggle an SPVD blackbird past an Evolution blockade on one side of a gate, only to almost be destroyed by the SPVD blockade on the other, finding out as I traded the ship back to its owner - my friend, Chantalaz - that I had just flown through a pair of blockades manned by the best combat pilots... with a clone 2 million skill points out of date. I never made that mistake again."

"Instead of mining, and against the express wishes of Xanadu, I elected to do agent missions, long before any serious rewards existed. Suddenly, three months later, the very first implants [became openly available], and what a surprise, they were agent rewards. I quickly earned myself a full set, then went about making a small fortune selling the others. My corp went from threatening to fire me for wasting time, to demanding their share of my profits. After refusing to turn over money they had demanded I never earn in the first place - and purchasing my first battleship, a Raven - Xanadu elected to dismiss me for insubordination."

NTRabbit then spent three months working alone, registered first to Caldari Provisions, then to his own corporation, Black Harridan, which has remained closed since his departure.

In early 108. he joined Jericho Fraction. While he confesses a fondness for the conversations he had with some of the members and what he describes as "epic battles" against Mercenary Frigates in some of the first interceptors to see general production, he was uncomfortable with "some of the shadier elements of Jericho" and resigned from his position after encountering two members of the corp in flagrante delicto.

"Thus began my self-imposed exile from the community. For almost two years I played alone, in a series of humorously named one man corps, often talking to my drones and insinuating to the outside world they all sat on the board. I cared little for the "great alliances" and their ridiculous wars. Venal, Stain, Curse, Fountain, all came and went, with little to show for it."

"After these years of solitude and missions... I was approached by a mercenary. Istvaan Shogaatsu offered me a position; I took it.

"The Guiding Hand Social Club provided me with opportunities for destruction on a grand scale. I participated in many 'ventures.' Theft, murder, more simple mercenary work, but always with a grand objective and an even grander tale at the end.

"Eventually Tyrrax Thorrk realised the utility of my skillset in the tournament; since then, I have participated in all, with mixed results." Having previously flown for IAC before the Guilding Hand Social Club "removed" a wyvern mothership from their possession, NTRabbit will also be participating in the forthcoming Alliance Tournament VI as team captain for the Otherworld Empire Productions team.

Making the Most of Skill Training

NTRabbit is currently listed as one of the top ten pilots, based on skill points accrued, though this can mislead as there are many who do not use the ranking service. So how did he get there?

He says "Acquiring basic implants early, and then upgrading to standard and subsequently improved as quickly as possible certainly aided in achieving my high skill points, as did careful planning and a good memory, to ensure I lost as little dead time between skills as possible."

With his current +5 implants, NTRabbit manages to train an average of 2257.2 skill points per hour. But what use are they out there in space?

"A great focus on diversity and flexibility over specialization has given me the edge in many real-world scenarios, where flying a ship more suited to the task at hand is preferrable." Or, as IAC learned from NTRabbit, being able to fly off with the ship at hand is also quite useful...

"Minmatar Battleship 5 is up next to finish off the set, followed by some rounding off of my recently acquired capital skills."

"[But this] is a social universe, and not everything can be solved with skill points. Experience has taught me that any connections made in the past may become a valuable asset in the future."

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is certain - with this knowledge at his disposal, NTRabbit and others like him can turn their hand to nearly anything they might desire, on the whim of a moment...

Or make off with it.

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