Northern Coalition Engage Red Alliance and Allies in CYB-BZ

Northern Coalition forces recently engaged Red Alliance and their allies in the system CYB-BZ, a system claimed by Red Alliance. Red Alliance and their allies have, for now, successfully defended their system.

Xxxak, a member of the Northern Coalition, explained that their efforts to destroy enemy super carriers had little effect, partially due to their falling fleet numbers; "During the battle we lost all of our heavy interdictors to enemy fire, so we had to rely on light interdictors to hold them down, but in both cases, the enemy super carriers [Red Alliance] were able to escape."

Spatial distortions in the system caused major issues as Anubis' Wrath from OWN alliance explained "the [spatial distortions] stopped all reinforcement fleets from getting here."

Northern Coalition forces have been on a steady assault across several regions in the past weeks with several notable successes including the battle in solar system LXQ2-T. However it seems that in this instance, Red Alliance and their allies have stood firm against the collated superpower.

Red Alliance and friends successfully held onto sovereignty within the system and are now retaining a presence in the system in case of any further conflict.

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