Northern Coalition. Defend Towers From IT Offensive

Serpentis Prime, Fountain - In the small hours of 08 - 09.11.112, Northern Coalition. [NC] successfully resisted attacks on their control towers in YZ-LQL and Serpentis Prime by IT Alliance, leaving 14 dreadnoughts and 5 carriers dead on the field.

The Northern Coalition. alliance, not to be confused with the Northern Coalition collective of alliances, including Morsus Mihi, RAZOR Alliance and others, recently began engaging the residents of Fountain. NC currently counts 849 members, worked with Ev0ke before their departure from Cloud Ring and now sometimes receives support from Goonswarm Federation, arch-enemy of IT alliance.

IT Alliance is currently the largest single alliance in New Eden and have vital interests in Fountain, a region rich in natural resources. In recent days, IT opposition to NC's presence has increased substantially.

Late on the 8th, an IT fleet estimated at 250 members engaged approximately 140 vessels from NC and their allies at an NC control tower belonging to Rionnag Alba in YZ-LQL. While each side inflicted over 3 billion ISK in damage to the other, IT withdrew shortly before midnight.

IT together with few allies then sent a medium-sized fleet including 20 capital ships to kill 7 reinforced NC towers in Serpentis Prime. NC appearances and miscommunication in IT scattered their fleet, resulting in many of the subcapital and some capital ships being destroyed while a supercarrier managed to escape.

The remaining dreadnoughts engaged an NC tower in siege mode, becomming immobile. Super Twinkey69 from DOOM., NC, mused that this was perhaps "a valiant effort to destroy the tower." The incomming NC supercarrier fleet destoyed the dreadnoughts within minutes though.

Super Twinkey69 said that the outcome of the Serpentis Prime battle was surprising. He described the prevailing sentiment in his alliance before-hand as "We will be lucky if we make it out of this." NC's intel had suggested that IT had 9 or more supercarriers and several titans ready, but these ships were not deployed to Serpentis Prime on the night in question.

NC defended their towers in YZ-LQL and Serpentis Prime successfully against IT's assault and all are repaired at the time of writing, preserving NC's foothold in the heart of Fountain and forcing IT to restart the arduous process of reinforcing towers if they wish to oust them.

Efforts to contact representatives from IT Alliance for their perspective on these events have been unsuccessful so far.

GalNet References

IT Battle Record for YZ-LQL, 08.11.112
IT Battle Record for Serpentis Prime, 09.11.112

NC Battle Record for YZ-LQL, 08.11.112
NC Battle Record for Serpentis Prime, 09.11.112

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