Molea Cemetery Relocated

Molea – Two months ago, we brought you the story of Azia Burgi and her cemetery in Molea. Since then it has been discovered that the secure caskets are suffering from sub-microscopic deformations which have irreversibly weakened their structural integrity. This damage has probably been caused by spatial phenomena and so the decision was taken to relocate the cemetary to an area where it could be protected to some extent by a starbase shield. The New Eden Cemetary starbase tower has been erected above the first moon of Molea II.

In a small ceremony, at 1800 local time, Azia Burgi interred the first corpse at the new cemetary. A small gathering of pilots listened while Azia gave the following speech.

“I'd like to thank you all for coming along. It has been a tough couple of months for the cemetery project, with the news of the [casket] limitations and then the trouble with...the tower, I'm truly grateful to everyone that has helped me out over the last two months, especially Davien Kaahtt, for taking time to set up the corporation and [constructing] the tower. I haven't got anything else to really do other than to [inter] the first grave in this new chapter of the New Eden Cemetery.”

Problems with the construction permissions delayed the original deployment of the starbase tower, pushing back the planned move a week. Once the problem was fixed the tower deployment went as scheduled.

Azia estimated it would take one or two weeks to move the 500 plus graves to their new resting place. It will be no small task relocating the graves. However, that didn’t seem to deter Azia from moving forward.

We asked Azia how pilots should get in touch if they would like to help with moving the graves or donating essential materials such as starbase fuels.

“They can either [convo] me or mail me. I've removed the CSPA charge on mailing me so they shouldn't have a problem getting through to me. I accept all conversation requests, so if they don't get a reply from me it means I'm busy.” Azia replied. “If people wish to donate those things they will be gratefully received.”

Azia is also considering granting Mausoleum status to large donors.

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