Market Gambit Supports Blade. Tournament Efforts

Jita - The Blade. alliance team achieved victory against Exquisite Malevolence's team in Alliance Tournament VI Round 1 Qualifying last Saturday. Their efforts towards success, however, included market manipulation off the battlefield, with the team buying up or strategically manipulating the prices of commodities which they did not wish to see used against them.

Team members Proxay and Pilk spent considerable time buying and re-pricing mindlinks to a higher price in major market hubs in The Forge, Lonetrek, Domain, and Heimatar.

Grim, another member of the Blade. team, explained his part in the plan:

"I bought out every reasonably priced module that would go against Blade.'s command ship setup in the first round of the Tournament, which is the Bouncer II, Garde II, and Phased Muon sensor dampeners.

"This worked, as the enemy were only fielding Curators which do EM damage - The command ships had a high resistence to EM damage. Market manipulation for the win!

"[This cost me] roughly 5 billion isk, but that's nothing. [It only took]a few minutes - I only did one region."

Grim expects to be able to make a profit on the modules and drones he is holding, once the tournament is over.

"Since the demand has gone up, most of these items have gone up three-fold in selling price. I do not know if they are selling though, but I am still looking for a buyer. So if you want to buy around 2000+ Garde II and Bouncer II, contact me; I'll give you a good price.

"After the alliance tourney is over that is."

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