KenZuko Secures Outposts in Delve

J-LPX7, Delve - Corporations formerly registered under the umbrella of the Band of Brothers identity have reformed inside KenZoku, a previously unknown alliance that existed to house certain Reikoku industrial assets.

The KenZuko alliance currently houses 19 corporations, including several previously registered under the Band of Brothers identity: Evolution, Reikoku, Black Nova Corp, FinFleet, Tin Foil and Destructive Influence.

Knuck, a Reikoku Director, explained to the Interstellar Correspondents where KenZuko alliance - previously almost completely unknown to the capsuleer population - came from.

"KenZoku as an entity already existed to house some industrial assets of RKK and a few affiliates... I don't believe the alliance was intended for this particular contingency, but it suits the purpose just fine. All the member corps are here, that's the important thing, and that is largely what defines us as an alliance."

As the corporations from Band of Brothers joined KenZuko, their control towers, still claiming sovereignty for their alliance, transferred into KenZuko too, and so did their claims. At 12:00 on 06.02.111, territorial maps changed as drastically as they had the day before, showing KenZuko holding a basic claim of ownership over much of Delve and Querious.

This basic claim is enough to render their outposts safe from attack until such a time as KenZuko's sovereignty over the solar systems in which the outposts reside is broken, but KenZuko must continue to hold the space for a considerable time before their former jump bridge arrays and cyno jammers can be reactivated, and it could be months before their capital ship assembly arrays can once again begin producing titans and motherships.

But it is those very capital production assets on which Goonswarm seem to be focusing their attacks.

While only one tower has been lost outright (due to lack of strontium clathrates - the fuel a control tower requires to sustain its reinforced mode of operation), Knuck revealed that:

"Several of our capital assembly starbases have been placed into reinforced mode in the J-LPXA and QY6-RK solar systems. There were [also] some medium-sized skirmishes between us, KIA Alliance, and GoonSwarm earlier today that ended, shall we say, rather favorably for us."

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