IT Destroys Multiple NC. Supercarriers in 6VDT-H

6VDT-H, Fountain - The battle between IT Alliance [IT] and the Northern Coalition. [NC] alliance in Fountain saw a heavy blow struck in the late hours of 09.11.112, when IT trapped and destroyed 4 NC supercarriers at a stargate in 6VDT-H. The destruction of a fifth supercarrier is disputed.

From the initial engagement, in which a 60-man battleship-heavy NC fleet killed a lone IT dreadnought, the battle escalated sharply. IT undocked an estimated 20 carriers from their outpost, 6VD Dark Prime and after a brief skirmish, the fight shifted to a stargate.

At the gate, 10 supercarriers joined the affray, destroying 7 IT carriers very rapidly. Super Twinkey69 from NC remarked: "We are here for [the fighting]."

As the carriers were going down, IT trapped the supercarriers with heavy interdictors and sent in a heavy super-capital fleet of 20 titans and 37 supercarriers. 4 NC supercarriers were confirmed destroyed, with a fifth disputed as a DED notifaction was sent but NC claims that the supercarrier survived with the bare sliver of hull remaining - 7008 structural points which took 13 hours to repair.

LadyScarlet of IT said that her alliance had been "waiting for the right time" and her confederate, Nuker Payback added: "We tried 3 times earlier with no success."

Sources in the NC say that morale is intact despite the losses. "It's always nice to have an opponent that is pushing back," Super Twinkey69 said afterwards.

LadyScarlet indicated high spirits in IT as killing supercarriers would be exciting for anyone. For the future, LadyScarlet predicted that the NC will " what they do best and bring fights" and expected there to be "...some really happy supercap[ital] builders." Super Twinkey69 confirmed that his alliance-mates are "shopping for new ones" and that they plan to continue fighting as "we are enjoying ourselves here". ​

GalNet References

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