ISRC Opens 7th Season With Exhibition Race

Metropolis - 22 nd February 111. The Interstellar Racing Championship (ISRC) kicked off Season 7 with an exhibition event teaming veteran racers with rookies.

As an exhibition event, racers did not race with their regular teams and were restricted to tech 1 frigate class vessels. The organiser for this race Catherine 'Quintrala' Delorois , had the final decision on whether a racer was considered a rookie or veteran.

Racer navigates ice field

Once the teams had been sorted, the race began at the Aliastra Retail Center Station in Hek, continuing through 13 different systems including several non-Concord policed systems.

The racers were doing well and managing to evade the lawless elements of most systems with either little or no damage until the rookie pilot Kira Storm lost her Condor at the 9th waypoint (she eventually retrieved a replacement and finished the race).

The winning team consisted of Cai Lun (rookie) and Kazuo Ishiguro (veteran). Cai said after the race, 'We were pretty happy about it, even with the mistakes we made'. Asked if he would be racing with an established team this season, 'Not sure about that, after racing as a independent racer last season, I was thinking of joining up [with one] of the established teams this season, but nothing is set yet.'

The full results are:

1:24:42 - rookie Cai Lun & veteran Kazuo Ishiguro (1:23:43 + 5:00 penalty)
1:28:28 - rookie Dracoknight & veteran Takashi Kurosawa (1:24:32)
1:28:38 - rookie Bloodpetal & veteran Kayleigh Jamieson (1:26:50)
2:06:54 - rookie Kira Storm & veteran NeonFolf (2:01:01)

The first full league race is scheduled for Sunday 1st March 111 at 20:00 hours.

More details on the races and ISRC can be found here

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