High-Sec Incursions Too Rewarding

New Eden - A group of capsuleers, led by Krissada, are attempting to disrupt the “ISK farming” currently occurring at Sansha Incursion sites. They are planning to destroy Sansha motherships as soon as they arrive through their wormholes and in doing so hope to cut back the amount of ISK earned by capsuleers who attend the incursions simply to collect bounties on the lesser Sansha forces in the area.

Krissada is apparently aggrieved that "bears" are able to "farm" for ISK in high-sec Incursions with little risk as long as they do not destroy the Sansha mothership. This, to her, is a blatant misuse of CONCORD's reward system and she is focused on stopping what she believes is an "ISK faucet". Disgruntled with how Incursions are fought she revealed her belief that "Sansha forces appear to be infinite, as is the depth of CONCORD's wallet".

Krissada's plan is to destroy the Sansha motherships as soon as possible which will hopefully cause the immediate withdrawal of Sansha forces and prevent further bounties being collected by "Incursion Bears". She hopes to force those wanting to make ISK from Incursions into low-sec and thus ensuring when Sansha forces arrive in high-sec they are dealt with quickly by capsuleers who want to see victory rather than reward.

Giving firm backing to Krissada, CSM member Darius III seemed to agree that high-sec Incursions are no longer about defeating Sansha's Nation but more about what can be earned: “The sites pay too much with almost no risk.”

HardinSalvor, an Incursion community leader, reflected on how things have changed due to the lure of ISK: “Once the influence dropped low enough for the mom to spawn, people would rush to kill it. Through some diplomacy, a status quo was created where we avoid killing the mom as long as possible.”

Some questionable math by community leaders sees them believing that an incredible 621 billion ISK is paid out by CONCORD every week from Incursions. If the numbers are accurate, it may be no surprise that a prominent Fleet Commander from the BTL Incursion channel is alleged to have bribed Darius III with 500 million ISK to not destroy a mothership during an Incursion.

There is a lot of ISK to be made for those brave enough to fight against Sansha's Nation and with fleets now forming with the sole purpose of stopping that ISK being collected, as well as loyalists already attempting to aid Sansha forces, there may come a time soon that there are no capsuleers left to fight against Sansha's Nation as they will all be fighting each other.

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Krissada's rallying cry

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