Heretic Army's Frigfest Concludes

by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

Amamake, Heimatar - The Frigfest frigate brawl held by Heretic Army in the Amamake system concluded on the 22nd of September and the winners were:

  • Top Solo Killer: T-101 HastaLaVista with 49 solo kills.

  • Top Overall Killer: Karl Planck who managed to get on 63 killmails.

  • Top Loser: T-101 HastaLaVista who lost upwards of half a billion ISK.

  • Top Corporation: Heretic Army.

Organiser Jude Lloyd was extremely pleased with the turnout of the event, in which 491 ships with a total value of 10.666 billion ISK was destroyed over a six-day period.

Top killer and loser T-101 Hastalavista was very pleased with his prizes, and noted that he would probably have been top overall killer had it not been for an unexpected vodka party in the final hours of the event.

GalNet References

Jude Lloyd's rundown of the event

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