First Day of Elimination Rounds Concludes

The first 16 elimination rounds of the 6th Alliance Tournament are complete.

Every match was action filled and ran the gamut from complete domination down to at least one match called for time and winner decided by points.

Today's matches highlighted the creativity and sheer guesswork that goes into some fleet decisions, as well as the pitfalls of over anticipating your opponent. Probable Cause's odd fielding of seven Osprey Navy Issues highlighted this as team contact badass2k6 explained: "our set up was to combat [Pandemic Legion] Ishtars and unfortunately they left them at home". In fact, Pandemic Legion actually brought five Caracal Navy Issues and three Drakes as part of their fleet.

Tomorrow's eliminations and end of the 6th Alliance Tournament will continue to be covered by Interstellar Correspondents on GalNet.

Full match schedule can be viewed here.