Ev0ke Expands to Sovereignty Over 5 Providence Systems

Y9-MDG, Providence - A Caldari research outpost belonging to Daisho ​Syndicate was captured on the 22.11.112 by a fleet of approximately 100 Ev0ke vessels with a 40-strong Northern Coalition. [NC.] gang camping the route to the system through KBP7-G. This capture marked the start of a campaign of conquest from Ev0ke that has now pushed Daisho Syndicate back to sovereignty over only two systems.

Ev0ke has fought over Y9-MDG numerous times recently but according to Dominik Miethling of Evoke. corporation, the battle on the 22nd was the first time that the station's reinforced cycle had ended at an hour Ev0ke could bring numbers to bear.

Captain Miethling described the allied forces from Daisho Syndicate, Sodalitas XX and The Important Internet Spaceship League as having highly coordinated focused fire, but praised Ev0ke's Guardian pilots for minimizing casualties and maintaining their fleets long enough to claim the field. Orphenshadow of The Important Internet Spaceship League concurred that the Guardians were a pivotal part of Ev0ke's victories, stating "We also could not compete with the number/level of guardians Ev0ke has. For whatever reason no one in Provi[dence] knows how to fly a Guardian. This, combined with the lack of standardized fittings across the block, is our real weakness. But we will continue to fight."

While Ev0ke and Northern Coalition. have been friendly since NC.'s previous incarnation as Triumvirate., Shubs and OrDeR of NC. both stated that their alliance has no interest in holding sovereignty long-term, though they currently hold ZT-LPU in Providence which they took from LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM on 24.11.112. Ev0ke and NC. tend to work in separate fleets but intel passes from one to the other and NC. respond to any fleets exposed in the effort to defend territory from Ev0ke's expansion.

After taking the outpost in Y9-MDG on the 22nd, Ev0ke moved on to contest other Daisho and Sodalitas systems, claiming IWZ3-C, Y9-MDG and E-YCML on the 25th and KBP7-G, the gateway system to Providence from Devoid and an important shipping route, earlier today (the 26th), raising their sovereignty in the region from the single system of J-EIVE to 5 systems in and around the so-called "Dital Pipe."

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Daisho Syndicate's Battle Records were unavailable at the time of writing.

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