Dead Terrorists Holding AZN-D2

Over the past twenty four hours, Dead Terrorists and allies continue to successfully defend their holdings in AZN-D2 against a concerted attack by Stain Empire and allies.

As a result of the attack, station 'AZN VRIVONATOR' has been placed into reinforced mode, and will be in said state for the next two days.

Errari from Fnord Works, a member of Initiative Mercenaries and ally of Dead Terrorists told us that Initiative Mercenaries placed a 'Call to Arms' to assist Dead Terrorists in holding onto their system; "Init/im called a call to arms to get a maxed out fleet (which they got), total was 2 fleets as maxed fleet size was easily reached, total 52 logis."

Dead Terrorist and allies have now secured the system, while opposing forces are said to be playing 'gate games' by jumping in and out from the surrounding star gates, including QBH5-F.

Axel Limburgh from Black Aces, Against ALL Authorities, explained his view on the reasons behind this engagement, "Well, after -A- lost their space, they moved in with their friends, ROL and SE. (Red Overlord and Stain Empire) Dead Terrorists got a little aggressive and took a large bit of Feythabolis for themselves."

Makalu Zarya from Against ALL Authorities also commented; "We do not see CO2 [ally of Dead Terrorists] and Dead Terrorists as alliances that can hold sov on their own, thus we also don't really understand why Initiative and even IT decided to come help them."

The engagement continues in AZN-D2 and the surrounding systems, with Dead Terrorists and their allies protecting their solar system and the reinforced station.

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