Day Three of Alliance Tournament VI Is Complete

Day Three of Alliance Tournament VI Is Complete Day 3 of the second Qualifying round has come to a close. The teams points and positions are now being calculated by the judges.

Daredevil On Standby Of the matches fought today, several included teams that used some of the most sought after ships in New Eden. We saw a Golem, a couple of Nightmare battleships, some Phantasm cruisers and in the last fight of the day Cry Havoc. fielded four Paladins.

With many eyes on the battlefield reports of Day 3 Qualifying, Day 4 should prove interesting as teams review fleet setups and try to outwit their rivals tomorrow.

Some of the losers of today's matches still have a chance to make it to the finals depending on the results of the next set of Qualifying matches tomorrow.

Coverage will continue throughout the event tomorrow and full match reports can be found on GalNet here.