Day One of 6th Alliance Tournament Round One Qualifying Is Complete

Day 1 of the first Qualifying round has come to a close. The first 32 teams of the 64 vying for a spot in the Finals have completed their matches, and the next 32 will be fighting tomorrow.

Of the 16 matches today, 7 included teams that used some variation of the same-ship-class tactic that Match 2 winner Against ALL Authorities used. Of those 7, only 3 were able to pull a win with the tactic; proving that there is no specific unbeatable combination of ships in a tournament fleet.

Despite many predictions, all-Ishtar fleets did not make up a majority of fleet setups. In fact, only 2 teams actually fielded a 6 Ishtar fleet and both won their matches; HUZZAH FEDERATION and Cry Havoc.

With many eyes on the battlefield reports of Day 1 Qualifying, Day 2 should prove interesting as teams review fleet setups and try to outwit their rivals tomorrow.

Losers of today's matches still have a chance to make it to the finals depending on the results of next week's Second Round Qualifying where all 64 teams will have another chance to prove they can win.

Coverage will continue throughout the event tomorrow and full match reports can be found on GalNet.