Corporation Uses Smartbomb Fleet to Create Makeshift Doomsday

Heydieles, Essense - A Gallente Militia fleet numbering more than 30 fell victim to what has been called a "low security Doomsday" when they responded to reports of a Caldari militia attack. The supposed attack was in fact a trap laid by Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United [PERVS].

Gallente fleet member Simone denAdel explains, "...we got intel that the [PERVS], had a battleship heavy fleet in the area, and a counter fleet was assembled pretty quickly. Scans in the system showed battleships at an open [Major] Complex. "

What the intelligence failed to reveal at the time was that this fleet was actually there to draw a response and all eleven battleships were lacking any turret based weapons. denAdel continues, "Our [Fleet Commander] gave the order to align to the complex, ordered our sub-[battleship] support ships to warp to the complex and put [warp] scram points on the targets that they could, then our battleships were fleet warped to the location several seconds later..."

As events played out, it became clear to those involved that a trap had been sprung as the support fleet was smartbombed by not one or two ships, but by all eleven [PERVS] battleships. Before the Gallente Militia battleship fleet came out of warp, the support fleet had been decimated. "...battleships were ordered to align out and burn [micro warpdrive] away from the enemy as soon as we were going to come out of warp..." denAdel says, "...those of us lucky enough to partially escape from the smartbombs found that we were also under fire from sentry drones that were deployed out of smartbomb range."

[PERVS] Fleet Commander, Rail Gun, comments on the attack, "Yes, we planned that [trap] a long time. Two days we were searching for a good place and time and I had a spy in their fleet." Rail continues to explain that the operation was in doubt at times due to the suspicions of the Gallente fleet members, "...[a] couple of times they almost called [off] the strike because they thought it was a trap, but still they came..."

In all, thirty-three ships from the Gallente Militia fleet were destroyed, with only two losses for the [PERVS] fleet. Rail Gun points out that his ships were specifically fit to resist the damage type produced by the smartbombs, and their heavy armour allowed them to remain together long enough to kill the enemy ships. He states about the two losses, " had the wrong fitting because he [joined the fleet] last minute and didn't have time to fit right [so] he died in [our] own smart[bombs]s. The other [ship] was killed by the enemy."

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