Corporate Spotlight - Burn Eden

Most pilots and casual observers of the GalNet Communications Network will know something of the Burn Eden Corporation. Each having their own varied opinions on the small group of pilots and what could be described as the comfortable level of notoriety they have achieved within the capsuleer community.

Currently operating in the Geminate region on the eastern fringes of the Eve star cluster, Burn Eden has drawn the public’s attention on the GalNet with its current hostilities against the Big Blue Alliance and other Geminate residents. Earlier this week TheDragoon – a Burn Eden pilot spoke in an interview with the Interstellar Correspondents about his corporation.

TheDragoon explained that the backbone of Burn Eden’s member base originated from a corporation known as The Fenix Alliance – formerly of a fringe space alliance known as the Ganksta Nation. He went on to explain that Burn Eden came into existence after the dispersion of Ganksta Nation: “With our experience we realised that even though our numbers were thin we could become the combat force of the future, we were free from political hassle and could do anything we wanted.”

When asked of Burn Eden’s goals he commented that the former TFA pilots wanted to show that a capsuleer corporation could not only survive but make ISK from what he described as “pure combat.” TheDragoon went on to add that while BE’s fundamental goals had never changed they had done a “variety of things to add flavour” to their occupation such as mercenary work, empire wars, and conquering territory and stations.

Speaking on the subject of Burn Eden’s somewhat unique combat philosophy, TheDragoon explained that a standard BE fleet consisted mainly of Raven battleships equipped for both long and short range combat. While utilising the ship’s medium hard points for warp drive disruption and other electronic warfare therefore “allowing us to fight against a far superior enemy force.” He went on to comment on how their fleets made extensive use of “dedicated tackler ships to strike amongst the confusion” and pick off enemy ships.

“Our setups are primarily focused on working together as a group. We believe this is the reason we have been so successful” He later added.

The extensive use of the warp core stabilization module in Burn Eden’s tactics has been a source of much criticism on the GalNet from enemies and observers alike. When asked to comment on the use of this module - which is used to counter the negative effects of warp field disruptors, TheDragoon explained that they were used to allow BE to fight against the odds with larger enemy numbers than their own.

“The whole debate over warp core stabilizers is comical. All we are doing is using the best modules, setups and tactics to win. And it works!” He went on to remark that as a somewhat renegade corporation, Burn Eden was uncaring about what others said about them. Explaining that though “it’s frustrating, even for us, when a target gets away because of stabilizers” their tactics had evolved to utilise dedicated ‘tackler’ vessels. “While Jo Alliance still fancies taking us on his crusader as they do more damage, damage is useless unless you can tackle your opponent.”

TheDragoon explained that Burn Eden had used these tactics to successfully “fight every major alliance in EVE.” This most recently included Firmus Ixion, Ascendant Frontier, and The Big Blue. “Not one of them has been able to oppose us,” He added “The only thing anyone seems to be able to do is vastly outnumber us to try and save face.”

Commenting on their reasoning for hostilities against The Big Blue, TheDragoon explained that Burn Eden was “very concerned” about The Big Blue allowing pilots who “have not had their blood shed” in combat before into the Geminate region. Stating that the resource rich fringe regions should not be “handed out on a plate as Big Blue are trying to do, this to Burn Eden is an insult to all the capsule pilots of Eve.” He went to remark that the war was at present in very much in BE’s favour.

When asked to comment on the status of the conflict, Omber Zombie of The Big Blue explained that Burn Eden was currently trapped in a dead end system and “their potential for damage is somewhat nullified” He went on to remark that “while we may not be blowing their ships up, they have been effectively neutralized for now.” Omber Zombie also later averred that he had yet to hear of any incident of Burn Eden accomplishing anything that would really hurt The Big Blue.

Discussing his opinions of Burn Eden, Omber Zombie explained that “their tactics, whilst cowardly, are effective. Their use of electronic warfare and ranged attacks make them difficult to pin down.” Commenting that they seemed to prefer to avoid close combat.

Representatives of two of Burn Eden’s former enemies were also asked to give opinions of the corporation. Adhamhnon of Ascendant Frontier explained that “[ASCN] find them to be insignificant to the operations of a major 0.0 alliance, and of little importance in the overall scheme of things.” Commenting that while good at outnumbering their targets, their “run and vanish” tactics left a lot to be desired. “On a threat scale I'd consider them a nuisance” He said.

Farsenir – A pilot within Firmus Ixion was in general agreement with these statements, maintaining that Burn Eden “appear to favour targets of opportunity versus organized opposition.” He went on to say that they were “very efficient, but hardly anything that can worry an alliance.”

On the final subject of Burn Eden’s future plans, TheDragoon explained that BE simply intended to grow and continue to pursue their original goals. “Burn Eden will be around in some form or other until then end of time. Our unique fighting style, which at first dismissed, has always attracted pilots to us.”

He added with some degree of finality that “nobody is safe; our terror will be known throughout the four corners of the galaxy.”