Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

YC 113.11.01 - YC 113.11.30

Further fighting in Delve this month saw the Goonswarm Federation alliance capture several more stations, taking five from Brick Squad. Morsus Mihi and Brick Squad seem to be drawing their attempt to take hold of parts of Delve to a close, with their activity in the region being far lower than in previous months. Goonswarm scored 1,790 kills through the month, with Delve seeing 15,272 capsuleer vessel losses. Whilst lower than previous months, this level is high in comparison to the average of the past few years.

One notable event this month was a declaration of war by TEST Alliance against the capsuleer Chribba, whose corporation owned an outpost in the 9UY4-H solar system in the Providence region. Whilst several capsuleer organisations friendly to Chribba stated their displeasure at this move, no substantial defence of the system was made with only 422 ships being destroyed in the system during November, not all that much higher than the monthly average for January to October this year of 264. The outpost was successfully captured by TEST Alliance in the early hours of the 23rd of the Month, 13 days after the initial declaration.

Whilst the majority of ship losses in null security space are to other capsuleers, substantial numbers of losses are to non-capsuleer pilots such as the Guristas and other pirate factions. The variation in the ratio of losses to capsuleers to non capsuleers is substantial. The top five and bottom five null security regions in terms of this ratio are:



Pure Blind




Great Wildlands




Perrigen Falls




The Spire


Outer Passage




So whilst for every loss to non-capsuleers in Tribute there were 32.91 losses to capsuleers, Malpais seems comparatively safe.

Statistics for November:
Supercapitals destroyed: 2 titans, 18 supercarriers
Supercapitals built: 41 titans, 94 supercarriers
Outposts built: 12