BIG Betting Opens On Upcoming Alliance Tournament

FRICOURE - BIG Corporation has recently announced it will once again host betting on the Alliance Tournament. This will mark the third time BIG has arranged betting for the event recognized by many as one of the most exciting in New Eden.

Gambling on the Tournament is a major venture: during the last three years BIG's initiative has seen a growing influx in bets, going from six billion isk spent in 2007 to 10 billion in 2008; while the total number of bets has doubled from 328 to 733.

New Eden's citizens bet for fun and profit. Crinsom, a pod pilot who has gambled on the Alliance Tournament in the past, commented: " it adds a bit of spice to the tourney ... I generally bet 50,000 isk ... but I know people that bet near 10 million ". BIG's own post-event figures confirm those numbers, with the average bet during the 2008 tournament hovering around the 13 million isk mark.

The outcome of the Alliance Tournament, slated to begin on January 24th, has never been so uncertain. BIG Corporation will be hoping that this will fuel bets, and ignite further intrigue around the event, helping them to gain a consecutive record breaking year for BIG Betting.

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BIG Betting Announcement

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