Beauvais Bros. strike again.

Late Tuesday evening a pair of Gallente brothers and pirates were cornered and and forced to flee. The brothers decided to go pirate after financial problems.

The brothers, Emile and Bertrand Beauvais, who had made a failed attempt at piracy in the Renyn and Grinacanne systems the previous Sunday, entered the Pator system on Tuesday evening with the intention of pirating as many commercial ships as was possible and escaping with whatever valuable cargo would fit in their holds. Their goal was to buy a freighter and turn out profits high enough to make the investment worthwhile. The change of carreer was inspired after hearing stories about the glorious life as a pod pilot and how easy it was to make millions. A future that s

The plans of the brothers Beauvais failed because their 'prey' was more skillful in fending of an attack then they had anticipated. Kata Amentis, HiRider, Tychus, kashkaisha, owntbyagarbagecan, Rakhan kane and DJCrimson all came to the call of the first victim. The Brothers decided to split up in the system but none of them escaped with their ship intact. Inside the Republic Military School station they pleaded for the safety of their apsules. The capsuleers accepted the money offered and the brothers were able to leave the system with their capsules intact but not their dignity.

"What do you expect?" was the response from Mr. Omarra Pidore, Chairman of the recently vocal lobbyist group Gallente Citizen's Watch. "These sort of stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Otherwise honest businessmen in the Federation are being driven to extremes by this massive influx of Matari looking for a slice of the Federation pie." Mr. Pidore delivered a strongly worded speech during The Scope's news broadcast yesterday that was seen all across the Gallente worlds. "These people have swarmed across our borders, taking jobs from hard working Federation citizens. The effect that this is having upon the economies of our regions is undeniable. These Matari do for 5 ISK what an Intaki asks 10 to do, and a Gallente used to get 25 for."

While such sentiments are a startling change of pace, they are not alone. Groups much like the 'Citizen's Watch' have begun to spring up in many Federation worlds, thier words finding a home among the less wealthy portions of the population. "Shameful." was one response, also aired during the broadcast, from Ms. Abourea Millaeu, representing The Federation Human Rights League. "The attitude of these bigots is astounding. The Federation has always been a melting pot of cultures and bloodlines, and from that pot has come the strong Federation we have today, rich in diversity and stronger because of it. These people seek to enjoy the economic freedom that the Federation can provide. What kind of Gallente would we be to deny them this chance, the same chance enjoyed by every Federation citizen?"

While violence against Matari immigrants has not broken out, many insiders at the capitol in Luminaire have expressed thier fears of escalating hatreds. "With the election approaching, this may soon become a serious home-stetch issue for the candidates." said one Senate staffer, who asked to remain anonymous. "You can bet that this is not a problem that is simply going to go away."