Battle of X47L-Q

Capsuleer forces of the North and Imperial Legacy clashed last Wednesday in the system of X47L-Q in Pure Blind over the armor timer of a Keepstar citadel. The Keepstar, which had been reinforced a day earlier, is a major staging point for Northern efforts in the region against Imperial Legacy.

The battle was the largest capsuleer engagement since B-R5RB, involving 6,270 capsuleers and resulting in the destruction of the Keepstar's armor, bringing it to its final layer of defenses. A total of 738 Titans were fielded, along with 585 Supercarriers, 663 Dreadnoughts, 394 Force Auxiliary, 546 Carriers, and one Rorqual. Up to ten trillion ISK was destroyed during the battle, with Imperial Legacy losing the majority despite achieving their objective.

The fight lasted over nine hours and saw the destruction of 58 Titans, 23 Supercarriers, 424 Dreadnoughts, 309 Force Auxiliary, and 21 Carriers, including two Vendetta -class Supercarriers and a Molok -class Titan, the first of its kind to ever be destroyed.

Imperial Legacy utilized Supercarriers fitted with Heavy Warp Scramblers as highly damage resistant tackle by jumping them directly on top of the defending fleet and the Keepstar. This tactic proved to be effective, despite the danger inherent in the strategy, with a Northern Coalition fleet commander calling for faction Titans and Supers to dock to avoid losses.

The Keepstar will become vulnerable again on Wednesday the 8th for its final timer. This battle has the potential to be considerably more destructive. If the defenders fail, their forces will be unable to safely tether and will be left vulnerable on the field.