Battle in QY6-RK

The Great War in the south continues with large-scale conflict in Delve now becoming a regular occurrence. In the last couple of days fighting has centered on QY6-RK as both sides are attempting to establish control towers while destroying those of their opponents.

According to KSUDruid, a BoB director, and Siddy, a front line captain, early fighting saw the deployment of a BoB Titan piloted by Shrike as they drove back efforts by their opponents to operate in QY6-RK. “My eyes are still blind,” Siddy said, “and I’m being treated in the medical bay due to the doomsday device that went off.”

On the other hand, this reporter witnessed a later battle between approximately 100 ships from GoonSwarm, IRON, RAZOR, Pandemic Legion, Rule of Three and Morsus Mihi versus an 80 ship BoB fleet at the J-LPX7 gate in QY6-RK. In this battle BoB was pushed back and its enemies were able to enter QY6-RK to continue the starbase warfare there.

KSUDruid stated that “morale is extremely high amongst the fleets. I know the troops have been doing very well.” He went on to say BoB believes that “something like 30,000 pilots in 0.0 are attacking us;” and in a further tongue-in-cheek remark stated that “no one organization stands out more than the rest, they all pretty much blend together in their blind hatred of our peaceful empire we’ve built here in Delve.”

Speaking of the earlier action, Siddy remarked that “the rumored fleet commander of the Goons decided to give us all they had, for which we thank them. Nevertheless, the situation is now under control and we are, as I speak, [repairing] the final cynojammer back to full health.”

Speaking of the early action also, TheAdj, a fleet commander from RAZOR Alliance, stated that “earlier today BoB moved in a horde of capital ships...reinforced several towers and planted several of their own.” He then went on to speak of the later events by saying, “the objective for tonight was to reestablish control over the system to allow us to reinforce their towers and save ours.” TheAdj claimed that in the process of securing their towers, 30+ BOB battleships had been destroyed in the action, but emphasized that he didn’t have an accurate count of kills at that time as reports were still coming in.

When asked if the later action had succeeded TheAdj said, "I would say so. We held the field and BOB didn't deploy capitals on the gate so they knew we were going to hold it."

Speaking of the Great War TheAdj added, “this is probably the most epic fight in the history of the galaxy by far, and it has been a blast fighting BoB. They’re excellent fighters and deserve good mention even if they are hostile.”

It is clear from these reports that the war in QY6 may go on for some time, with both sides making progress at different periods in a hotly-contested area. BoB has a station in system and the numerous moons up for grabs mean that the control tower war could potentially be a long and difficult one for both sides.