Angry fundamentalist threatens reporter

THE AMARR CHAMPIONSHIPS , which have been relatively peaceful so far, took a nasty turn today when interstellar reporter Beringe was threatened that he would be "hunted down and podded" should he attempt to cover the upcoming event.

The fundamentalist made no attempt to hide his name but it will not be printed here for security reasons. "Obviously, we take this very seriously." was the official CONCORD reply. "Our reporters are valuable to us, but due to the nature of their work, we cannot protect them everywhere. Obviously, the championships themselves will have strict security, but beyond that, who knows?"

"Death threats are nothing new to me," said Beringe "but perhaps I will play it safe and only show up for the more important main contest, and lay low during the next weekend when the champions are being chosen. In the mean time, I need a word or two with my clone contractors..."