An Eternal Union Forged Before the Circle of Unity

NEW CALDARI – In the midst of uncertain times throughout the galaxy, when the headlines are replete with stories of war, trials, and hardship, there occasionally shines a beacon of hope reminding us of our humanity and the virtues that have carried us through the millennia. On October 20th, 106 EST, starship captains Animator and Asentia—both of Moya Warfare, Incorporated—pledged eternal union to one another in a wedding ceremony presided over by members of the charitable Polaris Corporation. There were approximately 25 guests in attendance.

It was a surreal scene, as dozens of powerful warships converged on the Ceremonial Grounds in New Caldari for the occasion. With the bride’s Scorpion and the groom’s Raven positioned directly across from each other in front of the Circle of Unity, the ceremony began with the Polaris member WishStone’s words:

“Dear gathered, some things around us are as old as time! When I look out my window, I see a sun, blazing. It has been here for stretches of time…and so it has seen things we might never know. Today this celestial body will stand guard over us as it watches something as old as humanity: love. The sole reason for our gathering tonight, is to celebrate the love that two of your friends have found, and vow to never let this love die…”

“…It may not be the way of your race, Animator and Asentia, to marry for the purpose of love and happiness. But I say: Why should you not also find each other for that very reason alone? It is reason enough! So I congratulate you on finding something so precious in the vastness between the stars.”

Close friends Jarvis and Dowcipnis gave the bride and groom away to each other, respectively. Then the couple then exchanged vows:

WishStone: “Animator! What vows would you bring to your bride on this night? What do you promise her, now, forever, till the stars grow cold?”

Animator: “All I promise is that I will love her for the rest of my life, she brings me great happiness, and that is all I can ask.”

WishStone: “And you, Asentia? What vows do you bring to your groom? What would you promise him, now, forever, until the stars grow cold?”

Asentia: “I will love you in eternity, and of course will always be here to support you, even when death would depart us…I would still give you my love and will always be with you now and forever!”

With that, WishStone gave her final blessings, and to the enthusiastic cheers and applaud of the wedding guests, introduced them for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Animator-Asentia. So overjoyed was Dowcipnis that he demanded celebratory fireworks and then self-destructed his own cruiser, joyfully flying his pod through the swarms of drones released by the other guests.

The local governments are happy to release administrative responsibilities for marriages to the Polaris Corporation, since they offer their services free of charge and are well known for both their remarkable technological prowess and humanitarian efforts across the galaxy. Other couples interested in making serious inquiries about marriage ceremonies should contact WishStone of Polaris for more details.