Alliance Tournament VI Qualifying Rounds Continue

The qualifying rounds for Alliance Tournament VI are continuing today. Eight of the sixteen fights scheduled for today have been completed and results can be found in the link below.

Phantasm Attack Despite the Ishtar still making an appearance in several teams we are now seeing a variety of ships and classes.

Those teams that have attempted to field Ishtar setups have met with varing amounts of resistance. For example in the KIA versus Atrocitas match, stealth bombers were used to neutralise them at range.

Electronic warfare was again used extensively, as demonstrated by the use of sensor dampeners and a large swarm of electronic warfare drones deployed by a number of teams. So far this session we have not however seen much in the way of capacitor warfare other than a lone Curse which was immediately primaried and destroyed.

Coverage will continue throughout the event and full match reports can be found on GalNet here.