Alliance Tournament VI : Pandemic Legion Are Crowned Champions

Charging Into Battle The Final: R.U.R. Vs Pandemic Legion
R.U.R.: 9 Caracal Navy Issue | Abaddon
Pandemic Legion: 7 Vexor Navy Issue | Sleipnir | Claymore | Hyena

The Alliance Tournament ended with a thrilling finale that saw a closely fought contest between the two sides end in a battle between only a handful of ships. But, despite a valient effort, R.U.R. were unable to hold off their opponent, leaving Pandemic Legion the winners of the Sixth Alliance Tournament.

For the full match review please visit the match reports page here.

R.U.R. : Their Path To The Final

  • Defeated Celestial Imperative on Day One
  • Defeated The Kadeshi on Day Four
  • Defeated Chain of Chaos on Day Five
  • Defeated Ushra'Khan on Day Six
  • Defeated Unaffiliated In The Quarter Finals
  • Defeated G00DFELLAS In The Semi Finals

Pandemic Legion : Their Path To The Final

  • Defeated Systematic-Chaos on Day Two
  • Defeated The Fourth District on Day Four
  • Defeated PROBABLE CAUSE on Day Five
  • Defeated The Wrong Alliance on Day Six
  • Defeated Cult of War In The Quarter Finals
  • Defeated Ev0ke In The Semi Finals