Alliance Tournament V : Day One : Matches 1-8

An interesting opening to the Fifth Alliance Tournament , as guns, missiles and drones shred competition vessels ruthlessly in an opening round filled with carnage. With a diverse mix of tactics and some surprising results already, the tournament has already provided some great viewing. Here are the initial results and reviews of the first eight matches.

Match 1: Blood Blind Vs The Kadeshi

The first match of the tournament opens with a convincing win from The Kadeshi against Blood Blind.

Blood Blind: 3 Ruptures | 6 Thorax | A last Thorax pilot had ship problems and dropped from the fight before the beginning of the match.
The Kadeshi: 4 Vagabonds | Fleet Issue Stabber | 2 Atrons | 2 Kitsune

In a move reminiscent of the infamous Star Fraction Vs Band of Brothers match, the fight opened with a swarm of ECM drones launched from the Blood Blind Thoraxes. With no damage being taken by The Kadeshi vessels, and a Rupture quickly taken into armor, it looked grim from the beginning for Blood Blind. As Vagabonds circled at a 20km orbit, leaving their own mass of combat drones to apply a spread of damage, they soon began to take down their opponents. The only loss was a Kitsune that was caught turning into the fire. Despite several drop outs from their own pilots, costing them at least one Vagabond, Kadeshi slowly whittled their opponents down to walk away with a win.

Match 2: The Star Fraction Vs Molotov Coalition.

The first totalhelldeath of the tournament came in a decidedly one way fight, with SF going down rapidly against Molotov Coalition.

The Star Fraction: 1 Dominix | 2 Ishtar | 2 Rooks
Molotov Coalition: 3 Megathron | Maulus | 6 Griffins

With only two Rooks to jam a large amount of pilots and nothing to stop the advance of the triple-Megathrons charging into the fray, SF quickly saw the loss of their first Rook, which dropped rapidly under the savage firepower. The second Rook soon followed, then the Dominix and Ishtars soon after. Molotov’s well-designed team proved easily superior, their decision to spread out both their damage and electronic warfare across greater numbers giving them a big win against one of this year’s more anticipated contestants.

Match 3: Hydra Alliance Vs Synchr0nicity

The third match of the tournament, and a quick and bloody match, with Hydra snatching a decisive victory from Synchronicity.

Hydra Alliance: 5 Ishtars | 5 Griffins
Synchr0nicity: Raven | 2 Myrmidons | Hurricane | 2 Blackbirds

The two Blackbirds from Synchronicity were primaried from the beginning by the Hydra team and were mauled under a withering swarm of drones. Synchronicity returned fire, trying to eliminate the Griffon ECM support of Hydra, but by the time they had eliminated them, they had lost their Hurricane, leaving them with only a Raven and a pair of Myrmidons. This handful of heavy ships could not hold out against the drone swarm and remote repair logistics strength of the five Hydra Ishtars, giving Hydra a strong win to start off the tourney.

Match 4: SMASH Alliance Vs Green Alliance

Another decisive win this time, with Green Alliance taking apart SMASH and gaining the second totalhelldeath win of the tournament.

SMASH Alliance: Harbinger | Drake | Basilisk | Thorax | Manticore | Crusader | 2 Deimos
Green Alliance: Hurricane: 4 Ishtars | 2 Amarr Navy Slicers | 2 Punishers

Potential warp-in troubles set the scene against SMASH early on with their frigates positioned poorly. Despite this, they looked solid initially, taking an enemy Hurricane into half armor quickly. Soon after however, they saw their own Basilisk being torn to pieces, and things began to turn against them fast. With the Hurricane rapidly repaired back to full armor, it was then only a matter of time. A mix of ECM and combat drones from SMASH perhaps spread their capabilities too thinly, and Green Alliance was able to exploit this for a convincing win.

Match 5: Pandemic Legion Vs Brutally Clever Empire

An interesting clash between two renowned alliances: Bruce loses to Pandemic Legion but did so impressively, managing to score points that could later prove vital.

Pandemic Legion: 3 Abaddon | Dardevil | 5 Vigil
Brutally Clever Empire: Kronos | Rook | 4 Taranis | Crow

Within the first few seconds of the fight, the Rook – unable to jam all three Abaddons - was torn apart by their impressive combined laser fire, tilting the advantage heavily in Pandemic’s favour. The Kronos followed not long after, leaving only their interceptors for the majority of the fight.

It was not yet entirely over however, and to their credit Bruce fought on, going after the Pandemic support and eventually taking them all down. Against 3 Abaddons that were smartbombing and using remote-logistics however, they were unable to either close range, use drones, or provide enough damage to come out with an late-game upset win.

Match 6: Mercenary Coalition Vs Cry Havoc.

Cry Havoc. comes away with a solid victory against MC, proving the reliability of their team formation and displaying an impressive ability to use it to full extent.

Mercenary Coalition: Vargur | 2 Golems | Griffin
Cry Havoc.: Raven | 2 Ishtars | Guardian | Rook

The first ranged fight of the tournament, spectators saw some impressive damage coming from the MC heavy ships. Despite the onslaught, the aptly-named Guardian kept the Rook intact just long enough to disrupt the MC team and draw their fire, as they turned their own guns on MC’s Griffin. With the Rook dropping deeper into hull as each potent alpha-strike rained down, Cry Havoc was in a race against time to eliminate the MC ships before losing their ECM support. However, under some also-impressive firepower by the Cry Havoc Ishtars and Raven, the Vargur fell rapidly, and with the Rook still clinging to life, the two Golems inevitably followed.

Match 7: Blade. Vs Cosa Nostra.

Another one-sided victory this match, with Blade failing to overcome a solid team formation put forward by Cosa Nostra, who come away with the third totalhelldeath of the day.

Cosa Nostra.: Harbinger | Hurricane | Curse | 2 Guardian
Blade.: 8 Thoraxes | 2 Caracal

Unable to break the locks of one Guardian as they focused on the other, it was over before it began for Blade. Thoraxes dropped quickly against the combined firepower of the Harbinger, Hurricane and drones of the Curse, with its energy neutralization no doubt adding to their rapid demise. A quick and simple affair for Cosa Nostra.

Match 8: Phalanx Alliance Vs The Crimson Federation

The fourth totalhelldeath of the day and tournament, Phalanx walked away with a decisive victory against Crimson Federation.

The Crimson Federation: 3 Rooks | 3 Thorax | Arbitrator | Griffin
Phalanx Alliance: 3 Hyperion | Drake | Vigil

An aggressive and brutal fight this time around, with Crimson Federation fielding a unique and ultimately unsuccessful team formation. Within the opening seconds all four cruisers had been made primary by different Hyperions, ignoring the Rooks and instantly taking their targets deep into armor. Unfortunately for Crimson Federation, their Rooks' heavy ECM only succeeded in delaying the inevitable victory by Phalanx Alliance.

More coverage to come as the next eight fights wrap up.

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