Alliance Tournament V : Competitors’ Introduction – Part VIII

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is almost upon us. This year’s entrants include a number of new, smaller and mostly unknown alliances as well as the established tournament veterans.

Next in our series of Alliance introductions, we present The Fourth District and Notoriety Alliance.

The Fourth District

Founded late last year, The Fourth District is comprised of four corporations and 130 members. Svetlana Scarlet, a Chief Diplomat of the alliance tells us that “the formation of The Fourth District was the culmination of six months of effort to build a Caldari loyalist alliance that has a stronger paramilitary focus than any of the previous attempts at doing so.” The Fourth operates out of Mordu’s Legion space in Pure Blind with the primary goal of keeping Triumvirate and Atrum Tempestas Foedus at bay in the region.

The Fourth District is one of a scant few alliances that have entered the tournament for the pride of State, rather than personal gain. Ladel Teravada, Deputy Chief of Fleet Operations explains: “We feel the need to make sure the State is represented in the tournament…we do what we do because it needs to be done, not for fame or fortune”. Svetlana adds: “We are always interested in bringing more light to the State’s cause”.

Notoriety Alliance

Founded almost five months ago, Notoriety was formed out of nine corporations and approximately 238 members. Mes Rens, Executor of the alliance, tells us that Notoriety specializes in small gang combat and resides in the southern Syndicate region. With a firm grasp on the TA-A7V constellation, Mes and his alliance also help control the MK7-A0 and JQV5-9 constellations (although Notoriety holds no sovereignty in the region, they actively patrol the area and have claimed it for themselves).

With the ban on expensive officer modules and pirate implants, Mes feels that this year’s tournament rules levels the playing field between larger alliances with deep pockets and smaller alliances with scant resources. In Mes’ opinion, the fame of winning the tournament may help fuel expansion plans in the Syndicate region and beyond. Notoriety's daily regimen of small gang operations in Syndicate may give them an edge in the tournament this year.

More coverage will be available live during the tournament. The Fourth District will be engaging Exa Nation on Day One of the tournament. Notoriety Alliance will face SMASH Alliance on Day 2.