Alliance Tournament V : Competitors’ Introduction – Part VII

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is almost upon us. This year’s entrants include a number of new, smaller and mostly unknown alliances as well as the established tournament veterans.

Next in our series of alliance introductions, we present DeStInY.


Elevated heart rate. A fluttering, unsettled feeling in the stomach. Sweating. Shortness of breath and a tendency to suddenly shout loudly or possibly cry quietly on the shoulders of nearby friends or family. These will be the symptoms of being in DeStInY. alliance at 19:00 on Friday the 29th.

Yes, this is when the flag drops for their first match against The Five. Their tournament group, Group F, is quite possibly one of the toughest in the competition. IGS pundits such as Tyrrax Thorrk and QuaarJet are united in rating the strongest contenders in this nightmarish group as The Five and Atlas Alliance, but Ev0ke and Divine 0rder will be no pushovers either.

5n4keyes, the Executor of DeStInY. offered the following insights into his alliance and why they banded together:

“Our only goals are to have fun, and always find new things to do... The alliance was created for several reasons, firstly because it was something we had never done before, and secondly, because at the time of creation, there was a limit on the number of people you could set standings to, so an alliance was an easier way to manage it.”

It might seem from the white knuckles and gritted jaws that a number of teams in the tournament will be having anything but fun, but DeStInY. are by no means walking into their matches blindly. 5n4keyes has a few cards up his sleeve.

DeStInY. are no strangers to combat; they claim the northern part of Deklein – a hotly contested region – where they fight it out on a day to day basis with fellow contenders Ev0ke and such groups as Rare Faction and Phoenix Allianz.

Another factor in their favor is previous tournament experience – DeStInY. fielded a team in the Third Alliance Tournament, and watched the Fourth, on which this one is most closely modeled, with an eye for potential advantages.

“I think previous tournaments have shown us research is pointless, because the first fights have some whacky setups, and fights after that can [involve] the most random things ever! For example, ten Thoraxes!”

It seems DeStInY. have come a long way since their Third Tournament entry. They’ve dug into their space and gelled together as a fighting force. 5n4keyes explained:

“We decided to join the Fifth Alliance Tournament as we are a little more settled, and have enjoyed the tournament in the past.

“[This year], the whole alliance is the team. The team is very open for any member to take part, rather than say 15 [most skilled pilots] in the alliance.”

As for the teams he is most wary of, it seems The Star Fraction’s unpredicted victory against Band of Brothers has proven an inspiration to the team – proof that an original idea can cause a great upset:

“I don't think there is one big threat in this tournament, it appears very open this time, though I will obviously be watching out for people like The Star Fraction and Triumvirate.”

So, if DeStInY. win, aside from likely costing the bookies a lot of isk, what will be the result? 5n4keyes does not expect it to greatly affect the alliance’s agenda:

“I don't think it would affect any plans we have, though it would certainly be a big morale boost, and would no doubt attract a lot of people to join our alliance.”

In just a few days, of course, we will see. Will DeStInY shatter the pundit’s predictions and storm through to victory? Or will 5n4keyes’ own remark on seeing his team’s grouping prove right?

“DeStInY is so ****ed...”

More coverage will be available live during the tournament. As mentioned above DeStInY. alliance's first match is against The Five on Day One.