Alliance Tournament V : Competitors' Introduction - Part IV

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is almost upon us. This year’s entrants include a number of new, smaller and mostly unknown alliances as well as the established tournament veterans.

Next in our series of Alliance introductions, we present Blood Blind.

Blood Blind (ABUSE)

While Blood Blind alliance, also known as ABUSE, was founded late in 109, its 7 member corporations hold a great deal of piracy expertise. Executor kessah told me that she tries to instill the traditional practice of ransoming in her members – a patient art requiring both strong combat abilities and the ability to assess your opponent’s mental state.

“I believe [intimidation] can be used as a powerful tool, without doubt that is certain. There are a lot of quality teams in the tournament, but its also a curse. Being a pirate inevitably emits the reputation of a battle-hardened killer and being 'underestimated' is also another powerful psychology to play against a team.”

Kessah founded the alliance when her piratical resume reached the point where the only next step was to create her own organization, and the alliance members have the rare distinction of being chosen after fighting against the other corporations of Blood Blind. In this way, they have extended their influence from Lonetrek to Aridia where they and Veto Corp nip at each other’s borders, or tangle with anti-piracy forces.

While kessah herself flew for The Red Skull in a match in the last tournament, this is her first with her own alliance, and they are keen to make the tournament an experience open to all their pilots.

“I won’t deny the nerves I went through fighting that one match last time, but I’m ready. I’m proud and confident my team will back me up and provide me with experienced advice.

“This event in a way gave me the energy and will to push forward a team to compete. [It’s] not just about who has the trained skills… but who ultimately puts in the most effort. It’s everyone’s right in Blood Blind to compete if they so wish.”

As that fateful 15:00 start ticks ever closer, Blood Blind have a large pool of pilots willing and able to join the fight. They are testing and narrowing down their tactics prior to making the final choices for their roster, and seem to have settled on a final plan.

When I asked kessah to describe their strategy, she gave me one word:


More coverage will be available live during the tournament. Blood Blind will have its first fight on Day One against The Kadeshi.