Alliance Tournament V : Competitors' Introduction - Part II

The Fifth Alliance Tournament is almost upon us. This year’s entrants include a number of new, smaller and mostly unknown alliances as well as the established tournament veterans. Over the next few articles, Interstellar Correspondants would like to give you a brief introduction to these lesser-known alliances.

Today we give you Synchr0nicity and The Crimson Federation

Synchr0nicity (SYNC)

Founded less than five months ago, Synchr0nicity is comprised of five corporations and about 168 members. Headed by Jackolena, Synchr0nicity is mostly known as a band of pirates operating in the Derelik region. Jackolena informs us that she is not concerned with going up against more well known alliances as in the end “it’s...pilots versus...pilots” with a fixed number of combatants unrelated to the size and history of the alliance.

Synchr0nicity joined the tournament to “have some fun” and perhaps surprise some people with their performance. Pirate experience may definitely come into play for this team, so keep an eye on them!

The Crimson Federation (CRMSN)

Founded almost a year ago, The Crimson Federation is comprised of six corporations and about 97 members. Tigerfish Torpedo heads this alliance based out of Devoid. Most of Crimson’s operations run through Domain with brief sweeps through Providence, where they are not particularly welcomed!

Tigerfish has been a fan of the Alliance Tournament for the past four years. CRMSN was founded as a way for some ex-Sylph Alliance members to move away from industrial operations and engage in more extensive combat opportunities. It was always a goal of Tigerfish to enter the Alliance Tournament, and this year marks his alliance’s debut. With the fair rules of the tournament and creative strategies, Tigerfish doesn’t feel too concerned going up against any of the larger alliances; he points to last year’s Band of Brothers (BoB) vs. The Star Fraction (SF) fight where SF fielded ten Thoraxes and decisively ended BoB’s tournament hopes.

Tigerfish wouldn’t mind winning the tournament, and finally putting an end to a phrase he hears all too often: “CRMSN, who are they?”

More coverage will be available live during the tournament. Synchr0nicity will have its first fight on Day One of the tournament against Hydra Alliance. The Crimson Federation will be fighting the same day against its first opponent, Phalanx Alliance.